Activities in Caithness

Although the Antlers is situated on a 60 acre working dairy farm there is plenty of activities for the guests.

Camster Cairns - Only 5 mins drive away are the Camster cairns. An ancient burial ground of the Picts (an ancient race of people ) Adventurous individuals may enter these cairns.

Mountain Bike Riding - Nearby the cairns there is a mountain bike trail run by the Forestry Commision.

Sutherland sheepskins - sheepskin rugs have been cured and tanned on the farm for the last 42years

Caithness Cheese Come and see cheesemaking in progress. One of the farms primary activities.

The Whaligoe Steps - 365 steps carved from the rocks for local women to carry the herring catch up from the small harbour.

Laidhay Museum - Depicting local croft life from days gone by.

Seabreeze Beauty - visit Seabreeze Beauty at Occumster, Lybster, Caithness, for an unforgettable spa experience.

Waterlines - at Lybster Harbour which in its heyday was one of the most famous of its kind and had the third largest herring fleet in Scotland.

Lybster golf course - A nine hole well kept course which welcomes visitors. There are also golf courses at Reiss, Reay and Golspie.

Wick Heritage Centre - Award winning museum in Wick. Well worth a visit.

Sea angling - Various sea angling trips are available, also rock fishing from the Antlers own farmland.

Trout fishing - There are several lochs in the county producing good quality fish.

Hill walking - wake up, see morven our local mountain, climb it in the afternoon.

Coastal and clifftop walks - in the pure clean air or for the less energetic relax in Katrinas Country spa which is within walking distance and will be sure to delight offering a wide range of pampering and replenishing treatments.

Rock climbing - there are recognised climbs within walking distance of the Antlers.                

Further Information

The Antlers coastal ground lies within a Scientific site of interest (SSI) due to its abundance of flora ,fauna, animal and bird life, the following have been seen at various times, whales, porpoises, basking sharks, seals and on the land ,roe deer ,foxes and various other wildlife. Breeds of seabirds to numerous to mention. There is also the Puffin walk for the keener birdwatcher.
It is said Caithness boasts more castles then any other county. Within a 10 mile radius there are 8 castles, 7 of which are ruins with 1 one ,Dunbeath Castle (can be seen from the Antlers) presently inhabited.
Although a quaint and historical county Caithness is also in the forefront with modern technology, leading many projects ie. Wind power, tidal projects, mini hydro power and offshore renewable energy. It also is home to Scotlands only land based oil rig (can be seen from the Antlers).

Activities Photos

photo photo Caithness Cheese photo